Greek Genealogy Guide

Καλωσήρθες! Welcome to the Greek Genealogy Guide! Here you can learn everything you need to know about Greek genealogy and family history.

Hellenic ancestry is a source of extraordinary pride and unique identity. Learning the country’s history and understanding the life of its people is a continual journey of knowledge and discovery. Perhaps this is most evident in pursuing the study of one’s Greek family history. Fostering a connectedness to family can stretch beyond the living to include the departed, but only when information about them can be ascertained. What were the names of our second or third great-grandparents? How many children did they have? What were their occupations? And, most important—how do I even begin to access records about them?

Prior to now, answering these questions has been challenging. But the doors of Greek genealogy have now opened to reveal a new era in research.  The work being done by Gregory Kontos of Greek Ancestry is groundbreaking and exciting. With the advent of online translated, name-indexed and searchable records from Greece, finding one’s ancestors is not only possible—it is highly probable!

By consulting this Guide, one can navigate the complexities of Greek genealogy and find the correct resources to both access and request relevant documentation for his or her ancestors. It is the beginning of an exciting journey of discovery—and love.

Carol Kostakos Petranek
January 31, 2021

Written by Gregory Kontos, Alexandra Kiritsy and Carol Kostakos Petranek

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