Dictionary – Part Two

Basic vocabulary for all types of records Greek wordEnglish translationAlternative spellings/forms and notesἄγνωστος (gen. ἀγνώστου) (ὁ, ἡ)unknown-ἄδεια (ἡ)permission-ἀδελφός/ἀδελφή (ὁ, ἡ)brother/sister-αἰών (ὁ)century-άνάδοχος (ὁ, ἡ)godfather/godmother-ἄνδρας (ὁ)man-ἀνεδέχθηwas the godparent of-ἄνευwithout-ἀνήρ (ὁ)man-ἀνηψιός/ἀνηψιά (ὁ, ἡ)nephew/niece-ἄν ἔχη ἰδιοκτησίανwhether he has property-ἀξιωματικός (ὁ)officer (military)-ἀπεβίωσενhe/she passed awayἀπ.ἀπεδήμησενhe/she passed away-ἀποβιώσας (ὁ)/ἀποβιώσασα (ἡ)the deceased-ἀποθανών (ὁ)/ἀποθανοῦσα (ἡ)the deceased-ἀπό ποῖας ἐποχῆς διαμένηsince when he resides-ἀποβίωσις (pl. gen….

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