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Interest in genealogy and family history is growing internationally. Despite immense interest, prior to 2020 access to online records and resources from Greece was non-existent. Greek Ancestry is the first digital platform created to meet the specific research needs of people of Greek descent and those interested in Greek archival records. Through our searchable databases, users are able to access an immense number and a remarkable variety of records from all over Greece and the Greek Diaspora. At the same time, our educational initiatives provide the background necessary for high-quality research.

Greek Ancestry was founded in January 2020 by historian Gregory Kontos. An expert in Greek migration history, Gregory is a leader in the Greek genealogy community. He pioneers digitization and records preservation projects, supervises indexing teams, and provides genealogical research services for clients worldwide.

Greek Ancestry’s databases are the product of the systematic work of an entire team of indexers in Greece and abroad. However last but not least, the invaluable help and support of good friends, like Carol Kostakos Petranek, a pioneer of Greek genealogy, is undoubtedly a key element behind Greek Ancestry. It is our to continue our records preservation and digitization initiatives, expand our online records collections, and assist people with their research needs. How can we be of service to you?

Greek Ancestry is a private business registered and taxed in Greece. All its operations comply with Greek and EU regulations, as well with high professional genealogy and indexing standards.

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