Transliterating from Greek to Latin characters is problematic. Is it Condos or Kontos? Stephanopoylos or Stefanopoulos? What about Papajohn? Is it Παπαϊώαννης? Or Παππαϊωάννης? Maybe, Παπαγιάννης? Παπαϊωάννου? You name it… Greek Ancestry has developed its own transliteration formula. Ask us for free by filling out the form!

Typing in English

If typing in English, surname endings may differ. (e.g. -ou, instead of -os, or -i, instead of -is). If you do not have any results, try entering only the first three of four letters of the surname(s). For example, if looking for Papaioannis or Pappaioannis, type ‘Papa’ or ‘Pappa’.

Typing in Greek

If typing in Greek, add the accent mark, as it is part of the letter. If you are not sure about how to spell the name in Greek or where to put the accent, ask us for free by filling out the form!


You can search by first or last letters. For example, if looking for Christakos, you can search by ‘Chr’ or ‘akos’ or ‘akou’.

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