Crete’s earliest registration

8 February 2020

Greek Ancestry currently hosts about 55,000 Male Registers records from the region of Chania, Crete. All Chaniots can be greatly benefited by this collection, most of whose records date back to the 1860s-1870s. However, the Georgakakis family of Kampos is exceptionally lucky!

Some records date even back to the 1820s or even earlier! The earliest Cretan Male Register record Greek Ancestry currently hosts is that of Antonios Georgakakis born in 1817 in Kampos, Crete! His father, Pantelis Georgakakis, should have been born around 1787. Pantelis was in his thirties when the 1821 Revolution broke out in the Peloponnese. One year earlier, in 1820, he had one more son, Georgios! Antonios and Georgios were very young at the time of the Revolution, however, their lives were significantly affected by it. Later in their lives they probably partook in the 1866-1869 Revolution. Their grandchildren saw the Cretan homeland liberated from the Ottomans in 1912 and became Greek citizens!

Click here to access Greek Ancestry’s Chania Male Registers searchable database!

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