Spell names correctly

16 February 2020

It’s Antonis – not Antones; Kontos – not Kondos or Condos; Arachova – not Arahova… Which is the right way to spell a Greek name? This is important, because incorrect spellings might make your research more challenging! Greek Ancestry has developed a unique transliteration formula encompassing even the most challenging spellings!

Learn how to spell your names correctly by filling out this form. It’s free! You will receive a reply via e-mail as soon as possible.

Thracian Genealogy in Kozani

Thracian Genealogy in Kozani

Interview: Carol Kostakos Petranek with Fotini Kaklamanou Greek Ancestry is pleased to introduce Fotini Kaklamanou’s project, Thracian Genealogy in Kozani, as...

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