Thank you for your interest in Greek Ancestry’s Village History Projects Initiative! The purpose of this project is to encourage researchers to share family and/or village histories with people who also have ties to that name or location. Our goal is to help people connect and exchange information by fostering collaboration. Sharing a project is defined as posting an extensive family tree on any genealogy forum (e.g., Tribal Pages, Ancestry, MyHeritage, Geni, WikiTree), creating a website dedicated to a village in Greece or containing family history information, or writing a family or village history e-book which is free to access and posted online. A village history project focuses beyond a specific surname to include all identifiable people residing in a specific village for an extended period of time. It includes all projects — whether they are in the planning stage, have commenced, or are completed. Although projects of this scope are continually being researched, they can still be shared so others can view and give feedback or assistance. All projects–whether beginning, ongoing or completed–will be listed on the Village History tab on the Greek Ancestry website to make them visible and accessible to the public.

Greek Ancestry will support this initiative by listing the project and its sponsor under the “Village History Projects Initiative” page of the Greek Ancestry website, by publicizing individual projects and by offering a reduced price for records from a specific village. In addition, financial support may be available through the Greek Ancestry Village History Project Fund, supported through revenue from the Greek Genealogy Guide. To join this innovative and exciting program and to have your project listed on Greek Ancestry, please submit your answers in this form (click here).

Village History Projects Register

Family Trees of Southern ParnonFamily TreeLakonia & ArcadiaDimitris Katsampis, Stelios Chagias
Agios Ioannis – Άγιος Ιωάννης ΣπάρτηςVillage history websiteAgios Ioannis, LakoniaCarol Kostakos Petranek, Georgia Stryker KeilmanContact
Family Histories of Παλαιό Ηράκλειο Αττικής: The Original Bavarian Colonists and their DescendantsWebsitePalaio Irakleio, AtticaJohn WagnerContact
The Kyriopoulos Kids: Growing Up Greek in UtahE-bookMessiniaMarjorie KyriopoulosContact
Korsos Family TreeFamily treeLogkaniko, LakoniaPanagiotis Pete KorsosContact
Plessa-Amygdalia, Phocis-ΠΛΕΣΣΑ-ΑΜΥΓΔΑΛΙΑ, ΦΩΚΙΔΟΣ, History and Family Tree of the VillageVillage history websitePlessa/Amygdalia, FokidaCassandra KamucheyContact
Αντικείμενα – Δαφνί Λακωνίας, Ελλὰδα
Artifacts – Dafni of Laconia, Greece
WebsiteDafni, LakoniaChristine Condaris, Ph.D. and Petrea MannelloContact
Maniatika – ΜανιάτικαWebsiteMani, LakoniaGiannis MichalakakosContact
Family Histories of the Villages of Kourtsouna(Vasiliki) and AgrianoiFamily treeKourtsouna (Vasiliki) and Agrianoi, LakoniaPeter LambrinakosContact
Family Trees of PagratiFamily treePagrati, AchaiaTed GeorgasContact
Amykles Villages – Χωριά των Αμυκλών
History Project
Village history websiteAmykles, LakoniaPaula Antonakos Boswell & Diane Gotses JacksonContact
Rose Line & Redwoods-Rose LineFamily Tree, Personal blogSkoteini, ArgolidaMary Ann SkartsiarisContact
Karytaina GeneologiesFamily TreeKarytaina, ArkadiaMary LaVioletteContact
Greek Family TreeFamily TreeMironia, Trifylia; Apidia, Lakonia; Filiatra, Messenia; Dragoi, TrifyliaPeter Constantine MelonasContact
Family Trees of Pylos, MessiniaFamily TreePylos, MessiniaDr. Angelyn Balodimas-BartolomeiContact
Our Family HistoryWebsitePylos, Messinia; Dasohori, Messinia; Kefalovrysi, MessiniaDr. Angelyn Balodimas-BartolomeiContact
Families of Konstantinoi, MessiniaFamily TreeKonstantinoi, Oichalia, MessiniaBree ConstanceContact
Peplos (History and Genealogy) / Πέπλος (Ιστορία και Γενεαλογία)E-bookPeplos, ThraceIoannis PapachristouContact
Family Trees of Neokastro, NafpaktiaFamily TreeNeokastro Nafpaktias, AitoloakarnaniaNick VragalisContact
Family Trees of Lykoudi, ElassonaFamily TreeLykoudi Elassonos, LarisaNick VragalisContact
Messinian Family Trees of Asini (Koroni) and Nea KoroniFamily Tree (Nea Koroni)
Family Tree (Asini)
Asini (Koroni) & Nea Koroni, MessiniaPeggy DunkerlyContact
Thracian Genealogy in KozaniFacebook Group & WebsitePanidos (Barbaros), Turkey & KozaniFotini KaklamanouContact
Kiveri Family TreeFamily TreeKiveri, ArgolidaShanna Crump BalamisContact
Pallantion Family TreesFamily TreePallantion, ArcadiaDorothy StavrosContact
Drakata and Ano Meria Family TreesFamily TreeDrakata and Ano Meria, KefaloniaDyann Haritatos NashtonContact
Levissi Family HistoryWebsiteLevissi, Asia MinorPeter NemtsasContact

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