How to

How to search

Greek Ancestry hosts a wide variety of searchable databases of records from regions all over Greece. Amateur or professional, you’ll find searching through Greek Ancestry very easy!

To search through Greek Ancestry, follow these simple steps:

1. First, go to the ‘Search’ page.

2. Find and click on the area you are interested in. Maps are included to further help you find your way through.You now have access to the corresponding searchable database. You are ready to search, using the search engine.

3. You can search by surname, village/town or Record ID, both in English and Greek! Simply type a name or place in the “Search” field. You can also search by using the first or last letters of a surname or place, e.g. Papa instead of Papadopoulos. Then, click on the ‘SEARCH‘ button. If you are not sure how to spell Greek names correctly, you can ask us for free, by filling out this form.

4. A list of results will be displayed. Scroll down and click “load more” to get all the results available. You can sort the results alphabetically by given name, surname, record id, village/town, municipality or region, as you like.

5. Did you find something of interest? Write down the relevant Record IDs and order the records to receive even more information! 

How to order

Great! You just found a record of interest in our databases and want to receive even more information about your ancestors! Ordering records through Greek Ancestry is easy.

Here are the four steps you need to follow:

1. First, write down or copy the Record ID(s) of the record(s) you want from the list of results.

2. Click the ‘ADD TO CART‘ button, below ‘Order record’. One record is now in your cart. You can adjust the number of records in your cart, as needed. The total price (incl. automatic discounts) is indicated in the cart.

3. Click the ‘Complete your order‘ button. On the new pageenter the Record ID(s) of the record(s) you wish to order. The number of Record ID(s) has to match the number of records in your cart. If needed, you can go back to the search page and adjust the number of records in your cart.

4. Almost there! Just enter your billing information and complete the payment.