How to search – Tutorial

9 November 2019

Welcome to Greek Ancestry, the gate to your (Greek) past!

Greek Ancestry hosts a variety of indexed databases of records from regions throughout Greece. Whether you are an amateur or an experienced researcher, searching through Greek Ancestry is easy! Your passion is what is needed only!

To search through Greek Ancestry, follow these steps:

  1. First, go to the ‘Search’ page.
  2. Find and click on the area you are interested in. Maps are also included to further help you find your way through.
  3. You now have access to the corresponding searchable database. You are ready to search, using the search engine.
  4. You can search by surname, villages/towns or Record ID, both in English and Greek! Simply type a name or place in the ‘Search’ field. You can also search by using the first or last letters of a surname or place, e.g. Papa instead of Papadopoulos. Then, click on the ‘SEARCH‘ button. If you are not sure how to spell Greek names correctly, you can ask us for free, by filling out this form.
  5. A list of results will be displayed. Scroll down and click ‘load more’ to get all the results available. You can sort the results alphabetically, as you like.
  6. Did you find something of interest? Write down the relevant Record IDs and order the records to receive even more information! For instructions, read How to order records.

Tip: Automatic discounts apply, when you order more than one record. The more records you order, the greater discounts you receive. You do not need to have a coupon to be eligible to receive automatic discounts!

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